CompanyA Helpful Hiring Guide For Startups

When you start a new business or venture, it is born as an idea, then matures into a small set up, eventually, adults towards a big company and then it retains itself. However, your startup will not develop itself but it will form a big business through people and by people.

Your next question will be who are these people? The people will be the employees of the startup who will run the business, work for the business, take decisions and eventually transform it into a big company. The employees are an asset to your startup and you will have to hire these people wisely. As a startup, you may not have knowledge on how to hire the right people and how many people should be hired. That’s why, written below is a hiring guide for startups (developed startups can use it too)


When you are a founder of your startup, you will need a partner. A co-founder or a second person who you could count on, who could guide you in decision making. and who could console you if something bad happens to your business is what your startup needs. Tap into your inner circle for this person and hire someone who you could trust.

Lead Developers

For this section, you will need around one to five employees depending on what product you are selling and making. Whether you are selling a product or a service you need some lead developers who initiate the designing and make of the product.

Marketing Team

When the product is designed and made, you would want to sell your product. Marketing of the product is really important for selling your product to customers. For that, you need a marketing team which is generally between five to ten employees, who know how to market your product through different forums and platforms and will generate the target market for your products or services. This team will also decide the purpose of your company and products, and will decide about teambuilding and partnerships.

Sales Management

After the marketing has been done, you need a sales department who would sell the physical product or service to the customers directly or indirectly. The employees in this department should be between 10 to 20 who will be responsible for sending the products to shops or selling them directly.

Finance and Operations Team

When your startup has successfully started to run and is developing at a fast rate, there arise a need of a finance team to manage the inflow and outflow of the cash. Also, you need an operations team which will ensure that the work is running smoothly and if any problem arises, they are there to solve the issues. The finance and operations team would require around 20 to 50 employees.

HR Team

People are the main reason your startup has succeeded. Now when you have collected enough funds and your business is doing well in the market, you need to appoint and recruit more people. For that, you need a human resource team who will be responsible for managing and hiring eligible employees for the company. You can get in touch with us with your HR, payroll company structure while circumventing a lot overheads.

Data Analyst

Until this point, you have an appointed head for each team, but now you need data analysts who will ensure all the data is being passed through the right teams and there is stable and healthy communication between all the heads and their employees. When you have more than 100 employees you need managers at every step to ensure a proper working and they will be transferring all the data to the data analyst team who will then transfer it to you.