CompanyA Guide On Small Business Insurance

Insurance is important for every business whether small or large. It is so because every business has a property even a person’s business is their property. Just like any other property, small business needs to be protected from damage, loss, and liability. Thus, small business insurance is essential to the business’s seamless execution.

Usually, there are two types of insurance i.e. property and liability. The former type covers loss of the property while the latter covers the cost of a suit be it defending or settling it.

Certain things should be kept in mind in regards with the small business insurance.

1. Property Insurance

First, you have to consider all the property categories and the insurance policy covering them. The property can be building, furniture etc., and records of accounts receivable, machinery, satellite dishes, leased equipment and many others. Now, review the types and uses of the property you own. While doing that you will discover many of these come are covered in the basic policies. You can obtain services of an insurance agent in this regard.

2. Liability Insurance

The notion of ‘always be prepared’ borders on cliché now but for your business you really need to be prepared for the lawsuits. Here being prepared means to avail liability insurance which secures your assets when your business is held liable for an injury or property damage to someone. This insurance covers the attorney’s fees and other likewise costs along with the damages. You should check these policies to know which one would be best for your business according to what it covers.

3. Workers Compensation Insurance

Your workers are very important for your business. If they get hurt, this may impact your business too. Besides, it is the legal requirement that you protect your workers so you have to have a worker’s compensation policy. The workers compensation policy covers the medical care and the replacement of a worker’s wages in case of injury at job. Nonetheless, you operate your business through homeworkers which will offer limited protection.

4. Business Vehicle Insurance

If your business needs vehicle, you need to cover it under an insurance policy. However, it cannot be a personal one as many insurance policies strike down the coverage if the vehicle was being used for business services. You have to opt for a separate policy i.e. business auto policy. Such policy not only covers the vehicle but also the liability if the vehicle has undergone an accident and the driver was rep.

5. Coinsurance

Many people include a coinsurance clause which provides for a certain percentage of the total value of the property is mandatory to insure to become eligible to the full imbursement for some loss. If you insure for less than that amount, your company will impose coinsurance clause. Nevertheless, even if you oblige the set percentage, still the compensation may not be sufficient. So, it is prudent to insure the full replacement property value.

It must be noted here that a small business may not need workers’ insurance; however, it would require more property and liability insurance than is generally given in a standard homeowners policy.