If you have ever worked in an office, then you know that it isn´t as productive as it seems to be. At least, it isn´t as productive as it could be. Between long bathroom and coffee breaks, a big lunch with your coworkers, and those moments when you just sit in your office and gaze into nothingness for a while. Meanwhile, time goes along with the productivity rates, and it has been proven that punishing your workers is not effective to solve this problem.

It is a common thing to happen

This hasn´t been unusual; wasting time in the office seems more like a rule rather than an exception. However, this may not sound good even to the very same workers, given that they are wasting time that could be spent with their family, friends and loved ones. Instead, they are having coffee and wondering what to do next. And the question, indeed, is what can we do to solve this wasted time situation? Here we will give you some advice regarding this issue.

Daily goals

Everybody must have a purpose everyday they´re at the office. If we only took five minutes to talk to the workers and explain them the goals of the day, they will gain a more clear vision on what must be completed today. Workers will stop contemplating nothingness because they have a straightforward task that must be fulfilled when the day is over.

Having your mind someplace else

We all know that people have other matters to attend besides work. However, if they have something that drags their attention away and blocks their focus in work, you might try giving that worker some time off to fix or handle this situation. If you insist on the point that your worker must forget about everything and just work, that worker might feel frustrated when she or he realize that they can´t get that thought out of his/her mind. Give them some time off; remember that being under pressure can block people from achieving their goals.

Talk with your workers

Talking will always be a way to address a problem, and the rule also sticks in this case. If we make our workers aware of how much time they waste, if we listen to their opinions on the matter, then we might have made them be conscious of the time they spent doing nothing.

Motivation is the key

Some might ask if there is a bigger motivation than a paycheck, and the answers will definitely impress them. Everybody in the office gets a paycheck, which makes the worker part of a herd. Nevertheless, if we give bonuses or incentives to the most productive workers in each area, they will have a bigger motivation. That will make them feel that this is not just another day in the office but a way to make them make more money. If the incentive is right, then your workers would not lack any motivation

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