CompanyThese Are The 8 Types Of Organizational Cultures

Each company and the people working in it and for it have certain beliefs, values, traditions, norms, and behavior patterns. All these things together form an organizational culture. The organizational culture of a company determines the different values and beliefs of the employers and employees.

The employees make or break the culture as they are people who make the organization. The organization is dependent on its employees for its success. Every organization has its own culture which dictates the guideline and rules for the employees. Discussed below are the different types of organizational cultures.

1. Normative Culture

This is your usual company. The rules and regulations are predefined by the organization and no one is allowed to break any rule or even deviate from their task. All the employees are strictly required to follow and implement all the rules.

2. Academy Culture

In this culture, the organization employs only skilled individuals. The organization hires employees seeing their educational background, their skill sets, the ability to learn and grow within the organization and their work experience. Emphasis is also placed on the training of the existing employees. Employees generally work for a longer time period in academic cultures and learn and grow in it.

3. Pragmatic Culture

This is quite the opposite of a normative culture. In this culture there is no emphasis placed on rule following, in fact, it concerns only with client satisfaction and the interests of the third parties. Every employee works in his or her own way and the only motive is to please the clients for the betterment of the company.

4. Process Culture

As the name states, this type of organizational cultures follows processes and procedures and looks for practical implementations in an organization. Reviews and feedbacks are of not much importance. There are certain rules and guidelines of this culture which every employee should follow and adhere to.

5. Bet Your Company Culture

This organizational culture depends entirely on risk-taking. The company can take huge risks and the consequences can either be negative or positive. This culture requires patient employees and the results can too much or nothing.

6. Club Culture

In this type of culture, the recruitment process is based on the interests, educational qualifications, and specialization of the individual. The employee is allowed to do what he is best at. Appraisals and promotions are commonly found in this type of culture.

7. Constructive Culture

In this type of culture, the individuals are required to work as teams and groups rather than on an individual level as this culture believes that creativity and success is dependent on teamwork – and more gains can be achieved this way. The employees are encouraged to work for the organization giving their full potential and leading to maximum growth and sales of the company.

8. Baseball Team Culture

In this culture, the employees are considered to be the most important element of an organization. The employees always have an upper hand in these types of cultures as they are the ones who are responsible for the success of the organization. Mostly event management or advertising agencies follow these type of cultures.

Posted by Randy Blakeslee – GetnSocial