CompanyUseful Onboarding Process Tips To Help The Employees Like Their New Workplace

Onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into an organization. According to data obtained from US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 21% of total workforce has spent a year or less at their current job.

To make your employees productive, you need a smooth onboarding process. Read ahead to get to the secret of enhancing productivity of your employees.

Be Balanced
Most company policies are extreme in nature. They will either pressure the new employee too much, to an extent that he/she may quit the job or the company has such lax policies that the newcomer feels it is okay even if his/her growth is not taking place.

Please improve your orientation videos:

The blame of an ill-productive employee also falls on an employer, which is partially true because most employers are lazy.

They be like ‘O hay…How about we utilize the same orientation video we used in 20 years ago.’

Well…if you are gonna use a thing from past, be prepared to have a team which would lack futuristic techniques and technical sophistication.

Involve Your Audience

Most people are hesitant whenever they join a new company. It is only fair that senior employees and their employers break the ice, introduce them towards the company’s hierarchy and assign them tasks.

At first, the complexity level should be easy. Then with time, trust your employee with more important duties. With proper check and balance, your new hired candidate will take the job seriously and give his/her maximum output towards the company’s future.

Participation in Social Communities

A famous company IBM suggests that employees should participate in communities having similar interests. With similar interests, likeminded people are gathered and this helps them get easily absorbed into the corporate culture.

As an employer, it is your job to provide a fantastic social experience to your newcomers. Organize inter-departmental competitions so that different minds can meet and get to know each other better.

Evaluate the Progress of Your Employees

Create a standard evaluation system of your employees. Be creative and conduct regular assessments. If there are problems, consult them and inquire about the root cause.

A lot of people are unhappy with their jobs and deliver low productivity because they are unhappy with office environment.

Break the ice – be the change you want to see in your employees. Treat them as a family.

Provide Positive Support for Your Employees

A lot of times, new employees make mistakes which is only fair because they are new to the job. You can criticize them but it will only be returned by professional jealousy and more ill-productivity.

On the other hand, if you treat them friendly, supervise them and give positive support, they’ll feel that they are more in home than they are in office. With love and respect, it is only logical that they too will return the favor in the form of being ‘employees of the month’ and raising the value of your company to new heights.