Company5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Business Needs More Than Just Seasonal Staff

All around the world, there is a concept of “seasonal staff”, in which a business tends to hire a quite a number of people on a time of specific occasions. For example, florists can use some help during Valentine’s Day and delivery services are looking for active staff around the time of holidays.

However, you can never be too sure of a line which determines whether your seasonal staff would be enough or not.

The following signs are sure to provide you with a diligent insight.

1. The Work Is More – Your Staff Is Less

This rule states common sense. Your work is a lot – so much that the regular employees and even seasonal employees are looking for an extra pair of hands to help them complete the job in due time.

When this happens, it is wise to hire some people. In the world of business, reputation is very important and that comes with making product deliveries on time. It is okay to deliver beforehand but it is definitely not okay not to deliver in the due course of time.

2. Too Much Complaining

A little complaining is alright – sometimes it acts as a foundation of constructive criticism. But, imagine a scenario in which most employees of your company are complaining all the time.

Overwork is directly proportional to demoralization of company’s staff. Take the opinion of your employees and your managers and then finalize your decision.

3. Frequent Absentees

If you’re reading this article as a business manager, you know how much you hate absentees. You are running a business and you have your plans of the day when suddenly you find out that people are not coming today for work.

Anyone can get sick anytime and get a leave. Nothing is wrong about that. But sometimes, when staff is short and there is too much work, people sub-consciously make excuses to obtain leaves to temporarily divert their attention away from work.

It is important to make people love their workplace. Hire some extra help to cooperate with the staff.

4. Work Is Being Accomplished Just by Margins

Business managers love to analyze the efficiency of their work. If you find out that your company is delivering its output, just by margins. Be aware that it is a thin difference between lying on either ‘this or that’ side of the line.

To be safe, employ more people so that people working under you would be relieved from some of the work pressure. In this way, they’ll also get to enjoy their work.

5. Growth of Your Company Hindered by Limited Staff

It takes money to make money” – Hire more staff so that your output and business efficiency can be increased.

Think about the long term revenue and exposure of your company. Give them periodic benefits so that they tend to love their workplace.

It is also recommended to consult a thorough employee survey, which takes input from every employee. This helps determine the root cause of low productivity and various management issues.

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