EmployeesHow To Upskill To Land Better Jobs

In an age of today, competition is of paramount importance. Companies hire individuals who are equipped with a large skill set and if people are lazy, say goodbye to your job.

This is an era of constant struggle and winner takes away everything. To get your dream job, you should know how to enhance your skills.

1. YouTube

You might’ve not noticed but on YouTube, there is a world beyond funny videos and quality music. You can watch free video lectures of different courses on YouTube.

Pay nothing and livestream for an infinite period of time.

2. Online Certifications

A number of websites such as Coursera and EDX offer online certifications.

The purpose of these platforms is to spread education from quality universities to the whole world. You need to enroll in a course.

Most of the time, you can freely access the course materials (notes, assignments, quizzes and videos) and if you want certificate, you have to pay a certain fee.

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is a platform for people where people upload their CV’s, make connections and strive for better jobs. A learning platform has been created by LinkedIn, which enables a person to enroll in a course, converse with like-minded individuals and discuss about your career options.

4. Certiport

When you apply to multi-national companies for job, they value experience.

Certiport is a website, rather a portal which takes exams. If you are well verse in Microsoft Office, Adobe software, Autodesk and Cisco’s networking, take these exams and glorify your curriculum vitae.

NOTE: These tests are paid in nature and usually expensive. It is recommended to strongly grasp a skill before attempting them.

5. Quora

People underestimate Quora. If you are stuck at a troubling question and you are wondering about executing your next move, you ought to visit Quora.

Post a question and you will get thousands of answers from people around the world. The website’s algorithm usually identifies the question belonging to a specific category and you can also request reliable people from different backgrounds who will answer your question in their free time.

If you want to know more about current industry trends or if you’re stuck between different choices or career paths, do question the relevant people and consult them before making an important decision of your life.

6. Udemy

Udemy is a global education marketplace which hosts over 55,000 courses and the areas of expertise include soft skills, Computer Science, Human Resource, Marketing, Arts and Designing. Pay a small price to enroll in a course and finish it at your own pace.

You can even find some of Udemy’s top courses, free on YouTube.

7. Lynda

Lynda is another online learning platform which offers courses in the field of technology, IT, engineering and marketing. The coolest feature of this platform is that in addition to helpful courses, a person can select “Learning Paths”

These “learning paths” are selected videos which are designed to boost your skills. Popular learning paths include “become a sales manager” and “become a corporate recruiter”.