EmployeesWhy SME´s should develop & implement HR policies in earlier stage only?

It is known that the human resource policies are part of the established contract between the employees and the employers that guides the company on how to deal with any inconvenient or conflict that they may have in the future. This is a common rulebook that sets the duties and rights that any worker from that enterprise should have, what they should expect from the company and what the company expects from them. Human resources are vital for the company´s growth, that´s why it should be written in the early stages of its foundation.

The people we look for and HR´s policies

There´s almost everything on the human resource policies, from how the chain of command is established from what can you wear on a Friday, but what´s most important is that you align the people you want in the bases of your enterprise. It is important to connect your HR policies with the enterprise´s goals and visions; that way you can meet the expectations you have in the future, or even go past them. The main part of a company relies in the people, that´s why you need everyone to be familiar with its HR policies.

In addition, if you have an employee that does not follow the common rules, you will have a legal justification to lay him/her off, instead of having nothing to support it. This can lead to a legal sue from the worker and further complications that could have been prevented.

HR Policies´ Labor Laws

Within the HR policies, there are also the labor laws, which define the relationship between work and money around the company. Here we have the wages and other benefits workers are entitled to in the enterprise. It´s known to be a delicate subject, that´s why is not only recommended writing them early, but also updating them with any situation that comes along the way. There must be a communication bridge between the syndicates and the employers if there´s any new proposal of change in labor laws to keep everybody happy.

I never expected that to happen”

The more people in the room, the more can happen. There must be a protocol for any type of misunderstanding in the company; they could be considered a delicate subject to any worker. If the code it´s not written in the early stages, then the workers won´t know what to do or who to talk to in unexpected situations, which can lead to a bigger problem in the enterprise.

Ground rules are basic and essential in any company; they can be the source of success in most cases. Communication is the key in these matters: when people know what to do, how to treat each other and who to talk to if anything happens, then the company will manage to accomplish their goals easily and in peace. This can be achieved with the right HR policy code written on the right time.