ManagementPaid and Unpaid Leave Laws Every Employer Should Know About

When you work in a firm or a company, then apart from serving them, you also require and get some fringe benefits from them. the most important benefit that an employee can get is in terms of leave and if the leave is paid then the job becomes very attractive.

Nowadays, when employees apply for a job they want to know what kind of unpaid and paid leave rules and regulations the company is offering. In other words, if you are an employer and you want your company to prosper you need to give fair rules of paid and, unpaid leave for employees so that they work more efficiently. The rules and condition may differ from company to company, however, the basic pain and unpaid leave laws are listed below, apply them in your company to become a better employer.

Medical Leave (FMLA)

This is an unpaid leave under the family medical leave act, FMLA. For this, your company should have around 50 or more employers to become qualified for this act. Under this act, your employees can take up to 12 months of unpaid leave to care for themselves or a family member due to medical reasons or even to care for the military with job protection. Different companies provide a different type of medical leaves as well.

Parental and Maternity Leave

This also differs from company to company, however this mostly for women. Most of the states offer the maternity leave to be paid leave which includes the end pregnancy time and the maternal leave. This is a certain time period. But the parental leave is mostly unpaid and it is applied apart from the FMLA, however, some states include it along with the FMLA duration.

Sick Leave

Obviously, your employees will get sick, so you should introduce a certain time period which can be availed as the paid sick leave. If the number exceeds than the allotted time period, then it will become unpaid.

Military Leave

This is for those people who are the military service members. They get paid and unpaid leave under the act of USERRA, uniformed Sevices employment and reemployment rights act. They direct the leave for their members by the employers and then govern to reemploy them. However, some states have put up obligations regarding the military members and they need to go through additional procedures.

Vacation Leave

A certain time period is fixed for the vacation leave for the employees and this is a paid leave. Sometimes if your employee wants more vacation than he can also accumulate his holidays over the year and consume it together along with the vacation leave.


There are certain national holidays which are respective of each state and its religious parties. These are paid holidays. However, some companies also respect the rights of minorities working in their company and give them leave on their respective festival.

These are the basic paid and unpaid leave laws, but as said earlier it may differ from company to company and state and some may add some while some employers may deduct some. However, a fair number of leave days will increase the efficiency of the employees.

Posted by Randy Blakeslee – GetnSocial