UncategorizedShould You Give Holiday Bonuses?

Everybody deserves a little bit reward here and then to let them know how much their presence, work and effort matters and is appreciated.


Holiday bonuses are something which are appreciated by everyone working in a company. I mean think about it, after a hard month, your boss hands you a check to go and enjoy yourself all the while taking rest and lounging with your family. It’s definitely like a dream come true. So if you’re an owner of a company, you need to realize that handing away bonuses is a very good idea, from an employer’s perspective or point of view. But what about the company’s perspective or yours?

Let’s discuss each one by one:


Your company is made from you and your employees. Whatever work you all do together helps you in achieving awards. And these awards aren’t just for you but for your company and employees as well. After all, it wasn’t you who singlehandedly raised the status of your company right? Your employees helped you so now it is your duty to thank them for their efforts and show your appreciation. And what better way to achieve it than holiday bonuses?

Status: Good

If the status of your company, market and stocks looks good then handing out bonuses is a must ritual. It will make you look like an evil boss from all those chick flicks if you didn’t. when the company is going well, you have to realize that it’s your employees who are working day and night to make it possible hence reward them, appreciate them. Do it equally or according to the contribution of their work.

Status: Bad

If your company’s status is bad then there is no need of giving out bonuses. If the results are bad then it means that your employees are not working hard or making any effort. Hence punish them by taking their bonuses. It shouldn’t be the company who suffers losses or you alone. Everybody is equally responsible for it just as they were during the good times. Hence cancel them out if your status is bad.

Your or Boss’ Perspective

This decision lies solely on you. If you think your company can handle itself after you extract some portion of cash for the bonuses then go for it. If you think the company’s stocks are likely to crash if the amount is taken out then don’t do it. But if everything is fine and you still don’t want to handle out bonuses then sorry to say but you are that chick flick boss who is always remembered in bad ways!

How Much Should You Give?

Again, the answer to this lies with you and your budget. If you can provide equal Dow to everybody working under you then go for it. But if you want to give according to the amount of work one has managed then keep in mind that while this is fair, it causes a strike of envy and jealousy in the employees. If you can handle drama then by all means take a step forward, if not then calculate according to your finances!