PayrollHow to Create Secure Payroll at Your Business

As the owner of your business, you have to be sure that every part of your business is functioning at their highest level possible. One of the more important parts of your business is HR or Human Resources. Whether you have just a handful of employees or several thousand, you need to be sure that your business is running smoothly and up to all business standard.

The Human Resources department is responsible for the majority of what happens with the individual employee; including payroll, taxes, employee conduct, just to mention a few. The government put in place a number of different regulations that apply to HR and compliance in absolutely crucial.


Company Payroll

One of the major jobs of the business’s Human Resources department is payroll and ensuring payroll is handled properly should always be a priority. Security of employee payroll information should be the singular most important focus of any Human Resources department. One of the best ways to ensure that the utmost is being done to secure payroll information is to establish best practices policy and to ensure that they are being followed by everyone.


Limit contact of Payroll Information

As long as your business organization staffing allows it, you should have at least two individuals involved with payroll as a way to ensure that there is not just one person responsible for payroll as this can create a security weakness. With that said, you also want to limit access to payroll information as much as possible, this in itself can cause a number of others issues.

Payroll should always be done behind closed doors to ensure that employee payroll and private information is safeguarded at all times. At no point should any employees private information be shared with anyone outside of the Payroll Department.


Use only secure technology

Whether the business uses digital recording or paper recording of payroll information you want to be sure that everything is being done to ensure that it is safe and secure at all times. All paper copies that contains employee information should always be protected against accidental disclosure at all times.

In the event that you use technology as a way of producing payroll documents you always want to ensure that access is strictly controlled and all software is always up to date. Any time a computer network is used or online storage system is used the utmost care should be used in order to safeguard employee payroll and private information at all times.


Ensure any hard copy documents are secured properly

All employee documents should always be under lock and key with very little access to it. At the same time, you should always encourage employees not to discuss payroll information with co-workers. Always safeguard paper checks until they can be distributed to the proper individuals and only allow those individuals who have the authorization to handle checks.

Regularly use a paper shredder to dispose of any paper documents that contain any type of employee personal information and payroll documents.


Review regularly

If you are using computer software to maintain your business payroll system you want to be sure that it is always up to date. You should regularly audit payroll records to ensure that they are accurate and you should always audit your software to ensure security is always at the highest level and that only a small group of people have access to it.

Security and confidentiality should alway be on everyone’s mind that is a part of the payroll portion of the business.