EmployeesHow Can You Reduce Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is one of the most common causes of stress. Even if you love your job, doing a repetitive thing, over and over again will make it difficult for you to be fresh 24/7.

The following article will make it easier for you to avoid workplace stress.

1. Be Mobile

Being a desk monkey will not only cost your health, it will also cost you, your peace. Sitting in a position for a prolong period of time will make you keen towards lethargy.

Try a small walk after every half an hour. You will feel more active.

2. Fun Activities

You are not alone. Everyone experiences a certain level of stress in their job environment. If you talk to senior management about occasionally organizing a game or a fun activity, who knows – they may approve your gesture of community service.

Recently, the challenge of “” became very popular. Try this in your workplace. With open communication between employees of a workplace, you’ll get a homely vibe.

Also, there are certain games like darts or “parcel game” which don’t require much items.

3. Small Breaks

You are doing job for someone who will replace you in a week if you die.”

The above quotation says it all. Give yourself some relief. Try a set of miniature breaks, after a definite period of time.

A small break can even be of 1 minute, provided if done something effective.

Change your sitting position, walk to the toilet, drink water – anything

4. Communicating With Employees

You might be surprised but many people are a loner in their professional lives. They hardly know people from their workplace environment.

Even small talks with different employees of the company really helps your mind divert of stress. Ask them how their day has been and what would they like to do on weekends.

5. Exercise

Yeah. It does look awkward but hey! ‘If it’s stupid and it works – it’s not stupid’

For a change, try a quick exercise. You don’t need any fancy equipment to perform an exercise. Simple pull ups, push-ups and sit ups are equally effective

Increasing the level of cellular respiration will give more energy to your body and you’ll feel less stressful. And people seeing you will get a positive inspiration from it.

6. Hydration Level

Keep your hydration level high. Often at times, we are so forgetful that we forget to drink the optimum quantity of water, which should be drunk.

For a healthy body, it is recommended to drink at least 12 glasses of water a day. Good hydration keeps your stress at lower levels.

7. Outdoor Activities

For someone working inside a bakery, bank or a software house – outdoor activities are very important. If you are constantly busying yourself in an indoor environment, with neither sunshine nor greenery around you, you will automatically feel more stressful.

Embrace the nature. Spend some time outside to replenish your energy.

8. Do Different Tasks

Continuously doing a repetitive task dulls your mind. If you have 2 -3 tasks pending, do one task for some time. Then, shift your focus onto another task.

It is human tendency that mind and heart get bored over time. So for a change, do another task.

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