Human ResourcesThe Art Of Improving Productivity – How To Master It?

We all have 24 hours a day – a gift of 86,400 seconds yet in our world, we see some people becoming millionaires while some people wasting their whole life.

The following article is dedicated to increase your productivity.

Having A Good Company

According to the saying ‘You are a product of your five closest friends’, if your friends are slackers you will also become the same. If your friends have low aims, you will automatically start developing low aims of life.

Keep your company clean and full of motivated people.

How Pessimistic Are You?

With all the movies, sad songs and TV seasons – no wonder majority of this generation is turning out good for nothing.

Watch and read things which make you fall in love with happy moments of life. When you are happy, you naturally want to spend more time being productive.

Make Short Term Goals

This is very important. Write down your goals. Make notes about them. Give yourself treats after completion of every deadline.

You might feel a little lazy to accomplish the first task but after you conquer the first wall, you’ll find yourself on a roll. After first goal, your pace would automatically be set.

In this way, your mind gets tricked and you accomplish more than you imagine.

Keep Off Social Media

There is a great attraction of being online for hours on social media websites. Surely Facebook and Twitter are awesome at humor and Snapchat helps you being update from your friends, but you have to keep a limit. It is advised to turn off your social media notifications on your smartphone.

Give yourself a goal of spending only 15 minutes. Anything more than that, it’s not really worth it.

Being Alone For Some Time Is Important

If you are an extrovert or a party person, you might notice that all your time gets wasted treating your social circle and you don’t get anything done,

Make a timetable and give time to yourself. Go to a place (library, your room, coffee shop) where no one can bother you and you can fully focus on your work.

Putting A Sign Where You Spend Most of Your Day

A motivation quote or a picture which brings hope to you can influence more whenever you look at it. If you feel stressed out, looking at pictures of that quote (or your future goals) will help you be more productive.

Career Counselling Centers

If you are a college student, there is bound to be at least one career counselling center. It has professional mentors and psychologist.

You can also consult your parents about any problem you feel about. Talking and being open will help bring the best out of you.

Getting Enough Sleep

Even if your direction and line of work are straight, if you don’t get enough sleep throughout the day, it will become a major source of hindrance in your progress.

Getting 8 hours of sleep is recommended.

Drinking Water

Humans generally don’t drink enough water. Water keeps us active and enhances our productivity.

Drinking at least 12 hours of glasses a day is strongly recommended.