Insurance Programs7 Types of Insurance Every Business Owner Needs

Real success in business needs a heady combination of taking risks in several areas and eliminating or mitigating some risks. Business leaders can’t get rid of all the risks, yet insurance may offer some cover only when the sky starts to fall. In spite of this, insurance is an aspect in which owners frequently try skimping on the kind of insurance they pay for or the coverage they choose.

So, how can you make sure that your company has the right insurance coverage it requires to survive a particular natural disaster, customer injury or product failures? See to it that your company has the right combination of the 7 most important types of insurance that every business owner requires.

Professional Liability

There are times that these are referred to as E & O or errors and omissions insurance. This professional liability insurance is a must for business owners who are working directly with the customers providing advice or services. Professional liability protects the business from the claims of negligence, improperly offering services or failure to perform. For instance, financial planners can be accused of giving client’s advice, which results in lots of money losses. Professional liability insurance can help you cover the cost of the damages associated with the allegation of losses because of your errors or negligence.

Workers’ Compensation

It offers injured employees with the replacement income as well as pays for the medical expenses if they’re injured on the work. In exchange for such benefits, the employees give up their right to sue employers over work-related injury, no matter whose fault it is.

Property Insurance

The costs of replacing or repairing damaged business assets and property may overwhelm a company quickly. Business property insurance with adequate coverage level may help shield your business operations from any unexpected events.

General Liability

Generally, it covers the legal settlement payments and costs that are awarded to injured party. Nevertheless, what the general liability insurance coverage differs greatly from state to the state. The amount insurers will pay depends on the scope of maximum amount and coverage stated in the policy.

BOP or Business Owner’s Insurance

It combines a common kind of liability and property insurance a business owner requires into one comprehensive and convenient package at a competitive price. Generally, it can be bought by small businesses. Larger and mid-market businesses with more complicated insurance require purchase separate policies for every kind of insurance.

Key Person Life Insurance

More often than not, certain people are important to the business success. In these instances, the loss of CEO or any top talent might result in company’s demise. The key person insurance provides your company the resources it requires to regroup after the premature death of a crucial employee.

Cyber Breach or Data Breach Liability

If your business stores or handles any personal information about customers, you require cyber breach or data breach liability insurance. It may offer you the funds in order for you to react easily to restore the customer confidence.


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